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Micah Hoffpauir – Where Will He Fit In With 2009 Cubs?

Posted on 29 October 2008 by Lou

Micah Hoffpauir had a productive 2008 season for the Iowa Cubs – now that’s an understatement. The left-handed power hitter hit .362 with 25 home runs, 100 RBI’s and 63 runs scored in only 71 games. He had a .393 on-base percentage to go with a .752 slugging percentage. When called up to play with the Cubs, Hoffpauir hit .342 in 33 games. While his power numbers weren’t there – only 2 home runs and 8 RBI’s – he did maintain a .400 on-base percentage.

During a game for the Iowa Cubs at Round Rock, crushed 4 home runs in his first 4 at-bats, tying several Pacific Coast League records and Iowa team records. The incredible feat also earned him annual awards in Minor League Baseball for best single-game performance and best performance in a game at the Triple-A level. Although he harmlessly flied out to right field in his 5th and final at-bat in the 9th inning of the game, it will be game will he will not forget anytime soon.

The trouble with Hoffpauir is his position. He plays 1st base and the Cubs are pretty well set at 1st with Gold Glove first baseman Derrek Lee. Hoffpauir has payed some outfield, but he still needs to work on his fielding if he expects to get any meaningful time in right field with the major league club in 2009. Hoffpauir is signed through 2010, and he has 2 more options for the Cubs to send him back down to the minors, so the time is now. His patient hitting style will fit in well with Pinella and many of the current Cubs players, so if the Cubs can find a spot for him in the field, look to hear a lot more from Hoffpauir in the near future.

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