Shocker – – Selig Won’t Let Cuban Win Bid To Buy Cubs

Posted on 07 November 2008 by Lou

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Entrepeneur Mark Cuban is one of 5 finalists to purchase the Chicago Cubs from owner Sam Zell. His bid was either the highest or 2nd highest bid in terms of dollar amount. But he faces an obstacle that none of the other 4 finalists face – getting approval from MLB owners. There have been many rumors regarding Selig’s desire to keep Cuban out of baseball’s “old boy” network, but now sources from MLB are saying what everyone else has been speculating: “There’s no way Bud and the owners are going to let that happen.” See Chris De Luca’s Article in the Chicago Sun Times. To put it more bluntly, Cuban has no chance of becoming the owner of the Chicago Cubs.

This is another instance of Dictator… oops, I mean Commissioner Selig exerting too much power and control in his sport. It will be a glorious day when Selig’s term as Dictator… oops there I go again, Commissioner ends in 4 long years (he recently signed an extension, his final one, that will allow him to remain Commissioner through the 2012 MLB season).

Mark Cuban would offer an innovative style to MLB. He would create, develop and implement new marketing and media ideas that would broaden the reach of MLB. He would not be afraid to voice his concerns over the direction the league was heading and over the powers that be. He would be a breath of fresh air to a league that had become stagnant with its “let’s not rock the boat” owners. It’s a shame that Cuban won’t be given a fair shake to buy the Cubs. And although we probably won’t hear any great clips from Cuban as the owner of the Cubs, I’m sure after MLB officially approves the Cubs sale to the bidder that kissed ass the best, we’ll hear some great sound bites from Cuban about Dictator Selig and his band of Merry “Yes” Men.

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