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Cubs Unveil New Price Structure for 2009 MLB Season

Posted on 28 December 2008 by Lou

The Chicago Cubs announced a new price structure for 2009 Chicago Cubs tickets. While 33% of all tickets will remain steady, the Cubs did increase ticket prices for games deemed to be “Platinum” and “Gold” games (because of the Cubs’ opponent or time of year the game is being played) and for most premium seating inside Wrigley Field.

While this sounds all well and good, in reality, it is a complete joke that the Cubs – the 2nd biggest revenue-making team in MLB behind the New York Yankees – felt the need to increase any ticket prices for the 2009 season. Cubs chairman Crane Kenney tried to justify the increase by focusing on the 14 games in 2009 deemed to be “Platinum games”. Those 14 games include Opening Day (Monday 4/13 against the Colorado Rockies); 3 weekday games in June against the cross-town rival White Sox; a weekend series against the Milwaukee Brewers in July (7/2-7/5); a weekend series against the St. Louis Cardinals in July (7/10-7/12); and a weekend series against the New York Mets in August (8/28-8/30). Kenny claims that if you exclude those 14 games from the price increase analysis, ticket prices for the rest of the seating/games increases by only 6%. Wow – thanks Crane!!!

Taking a look at actual ticket prices, one is amazed at how Kenney justifies the increases. For the platinum games, the best seats in the house (infield club box seats) now cost $100.00 each. The cheapest field box seats cost $70.00 each. Ouch! Bleachers “seats” and upper deck box seats cost $60.00???!!! Unbelievable. Kenney and the Cubs focus on the “cheap prices” for the “bronze games”. Guess how many bronze games there are? If you said 5, you’re right. Those 5 games are 2 day games in April (4/15 against the Rockies and 4/23 against the Reds); 2 day games in May (5/5 against the Giants and 5/14 against the Padres) and 1 day game in September (9/2 against the Astros). Great! Even then, the best seats in the house still cost $60.00 each and bleachers seats still cost $25.00 each. Crazy stuff.

Enjoy Cubs fans – that’s what you get for your team winning the NL Central Division 2 years in a row. They may not be able to win in October, but at least you get to pay a LOT of money to see a team that wins a LOT of regular season games…

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