Cards Sweep Cubs with 3-1 Win; Zambrano to Start Friday Night Against Peavy in San Diego

Posted on 22 May 2009 by Lou

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I am starting to get really fed up with this Cubs team.  There is no spark in the 2009 version of the Cubs and there is no fight in the 2009 version of the Cubs.  You’re facing your biggest division rival on their home turf and you lay 3 eggs like that?  It is a joke.

The Cubs bats were atrocious – 0 runs, 3 hits & 0 walks on Tuesday night; 1 run, 6 hits & 3 walks on Wednesday night ; & 1 run, 5 hits & 1 walk on Thursday night.  In a 3-game series, you total 2 runs, 14 hits and 4 walks?  What a joke!

I can see Adam Wainwright shutting you down on Thursday night – he has always pitched well against the Cubs.  But Joel Pineiro throwing a 3-hit complete game shutout on Tuesday?  Gimme a break.  Chris Carpenter pitching 5 scoreless innings on Wednesday night after spending 3 weeks on the DL?  Show some life.

The Cubs pitching actually did excellent in the series – both the starters (Ted Lilly, Ryan Dempster and Sean Marshall) and the relievers.  3 runs, 2 runs and 3 runs to the hard hitting Cards in St. Louis is a job well done.  Even a mediocre offensive attack should have garnered the Cubs at least 1 win in St. Louis.  But it was not meant to be.

The next 10 days are huge for the Cubs.  The Cubs make the long trip to California to take on the Padres in San Diego this weekend.  Carlos Zambrano will make his first start since going on the DL with an aggravated left hamstring strain.  He opposes Jake Peavy on Friday night.  Peavy will be playing with renewed energy after declining to accept a trade that would have sent him to the south side of Chicago to play for the White Sox.

After the Padres series, the Cubs will take on the Pirates – winners of 6 straight games – from Monday through Wednesday at Wrigley Field.  And then it’s a 4-game weekend series against the NL’s best team – the Los Angeles Dodgers from Thursday through Sunday.  The Cubs already trail the 1st place Brewers by 4 games in the NL Central.  If they cannot find their groove soon, that deficit could grow pretty quickly.

Let’s hope that Manager Lou Pinella has some words of wisdom for his ballclub and that GM Jim Hendry has some trade moves up his sleeve, because it is pretty clear that this team is not made up to win on a consistent basis during the 2009 MLB schedule.


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