ESPN Sunday Night Baseball – – Cubs v. Cards?! Why – Please Spare Us the Embarrassment…

Posted on 20 September 2009 by Lou

carlos zambrano OD

Why?  Isn’t there any better game MLB could have picked? Giants @ Dodgers? Tigers @ Twins? Angels @ Rangers?  Phillies @ Braves?  And while none of those games are so compelling, at least there are more implications in each of those games than in the Cubs – Cards match-up in St. Louis.  It will likely turn into another embarrassing national television loss for the under-achieving/over-rated Chicago Cubs.  It will feature the man who constantly predicts he will win the NL Cy Young Award – Carlos Zambrano – against the man who like likely win the NL Cy Young Award in 2009.  Gimme a break…  Is this a joke or a cruel trick being played on the Cubs and their “loyal” North Side fans? Or did Tom Ricketts – the next owner of the Cubs – shell out whatever cash he had left to beg ESPN to broadcast his team on national television one last time in 2009 to try to promote his ball club even more than it already is.

Whatever the case, I for one will not be watching this game.  Big Z will probably blow a gasket (or his hamstring) in the 4th inning.  Adam Wainwright will likely 2 or 3-hit the light0hitting Cubs en route to his 19th victory of the season.  The lone Cubs run will come courtesy of a Derrek Lee jack to right field.  Cards 5, Cubs 1.  Cards 10 game lead in the NL Central race, with a magic number of 4.  Wait until next year Cubs fans!!!

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