Ryne Sandberg Likely to Remain Manager in Cubs Minor League System

Posted on 15 October 2009 by Lou

chicago cubs ryne sandberg 1

While we’ve heard the rumors that Cubs fans want Ryne Sandberg to be the Cubs next hitting coach, that is not going to happen.  Let me repeat that – it is not going to happen.  The Cubs organization wants Sandberg to be a major league manager, and to serve as a hitting coach for a year or 2 under current Manager Lou Pinella won’t really do much to help him in that regard.

Sandberg served well as the Double-A Tennessee Manager in 2008 and should continue to serve in that role until the Cubs managerial vacancy opens up.  The Tennessee team plays in the Southern League which plays bu National League rules.  This is very important – to continue to learn the nuances of NL Ball – no DH, when to pull a picther, when to use the double-switch, etc…

While we won’t know until early December what the Cubs plan to do with Sandberg, we fully expect him to be at the helm of the Double-A Tennessee for at least another season….

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