It’s Official – The Ricketts Family Owns the Chicago Cubs Franchise

Posted on 27 October 2009 by Lou

chicago cubs wrigley field1

It’s official – The Rickets Family’s purchase of the Chicago Cubs is finally done.  Hip Hip Hooray!

The Ricketts Family now owns a 95% stake in the Chicago Cubs franchise, Wrigley Field, and 25% of Comcast Sportsnet.  The deal was worth approximately $845 million.  The Tribune Co. will still retain a 5% interest in the Chicago Cubs franchise, and after applicable taxes and fees, will bring in approximately $745 million.

Joe Ricketts – the patriarch of the Ricketts Family – is the founder of TD Ameritrade, an Omaha, Nebraska based brokerage firm.  Tom Rickets, one of Joe’s sons, will serve as the Chicago Cubs new Board Chairman.  Rickets wrote in a statement release to the press that the Board “will go to work building the championship tradition that all Cubs fans so richly deserve.”

The Chicago Cubs have scheduled a Friday news conference at Wrigley Field announcing the closing of the sale to the Ricketts Family.  At last…

chicago cubs wrigley field2

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