Advertising & Marketing on the Cubs’ Minds

Posted on 23 November 2009 by Lou

chicago cubs budweiser building ricketts family

The Ricketts Family and the Cubs have added new advertising billboards to the back of the bleachers in left field.  The Cubs have yet to erect any signs there, but they are exploring opportunities that will be respective of the agreements that it has with the rooftop buildings on Waveland and Sheffield Avenues surrounding Wrigley Field.

The new billboards will limit the view of the roof the “Budweiser Building” – dubbed that because of the Budweiser sign that has graced the roof of the building for years and years.  There is no rooftop on that building but there is an indoor area where fans watch games for a price.  The owner of that building has indicated that Horseshoe Casino now owns the rights to advertise on the roof the building, but that has come into questions with the Cubs recent move.  That roof is always featured prominently on television broadcasts and now the Ricketts Family believes that it should have its own sponsor who will get that prime viewing area on broadcasts on the new left field bleachers billboards.


In related marketings, the Cubs also hired a new chief sales and marketing office – Wally Hayward – who will be in charge of the new position within the organization.  Hayward was instrumental in the City of Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Olympics.  Although it was ultimately a failed bid, the Cubs believe that Hayward’s corporate sponsorship strategy is one of the best in the business.  The Ricketts Family will welcome any sort of creative marketing ideas and corporate sponsorships it can get given the sale price they paid to buy the Cubs organization..

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