Ice Skating Rink @ Wrigley Field Set to Open on December 15th – Yippee!

Posted on 09 December 2009 by Lou

chicago cubs wrigley field ice skating rink

Forget about the ball club that can’t win an October playoff baseball game – now we have an ice skating rink on the grounds of Wrigley Field for all to enjoy.  YIPPEE!

“The Rink at Wrigley” opens on Tuesday, December 15th.  The rink is temporarily located in the parking lot on Clark Street just west of the stadium.  The Ricketts Family, the City of Chicago and Tom Tunney – the 44th Ward Alderman – were all for the family activity located right near Wrigley Field.  Tom Ricketts had this to say about the rink idea: “The ‘Rink at Wrigley’ is a great way to bring winter fun to our community and to highlight our commitment to our neighbors and the City of Chicago… We are excited to offer a family-friendly activity for our fans and neighbors at the ballpark during the offseason.”

The price is right – only $10 for adults and $6 for kids.  The only hiccup – – the hours of operation.  Sunday through Thursday, the rink stays open until 10PM and on Friday and Saturday, the rink stays open until 11PM.  Tom Tunney and the “Friends of Wrigley Field” won’t allow night baseball games on Friday or Saturday because of the negative impact to the community!  But now we’re going to be marketing a rink that stays open until 11PM those nights just to make a little money.  What about the liability too? – drunk patrons from Cubby Bear, Casey Morans, Barleycorn, Murphy’s Bleachers stumbling onto the ice skating rink ruining the fun for everyone else.  This should be interesting – I’m sure there will be some “negative” incidents during the free skates, but at least it will help off-set some of the millions of dollars shelled out by the Ricketts Family to buy the Cubs this past October…

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