Ice Skating Rink Opening Delayed Until Saturday December 18th – Boo Hoo!

Posted on 17 December 2009 by Lou

wrigley field ice skating rink

Boo-Hoo – the Chicago Cubs had to delay the opening of the new ice skating rink on Wrigley Field property until Saturday December 15th because of inclement weather.  What a tragedy!

There will actually be an “Opening Ceremony” for the new ice skating rink on Saturday that is scheduled to start at 11:00AM.  Gimme a break!

Ryan Dempster will throw out the ceremonial “first pitch” to “christen” the rink.  Alderman Tom Tunney and Tom and Laura Ricketts are scheduled to be on hand for the festivities as well.  In addition to being able to skate on the rink, most people really want to be there to see the much-heralded performance by the Starlights Synchronized Skating organization – if you’ve never seen one of their performances, you haven’t lived…

Good job Crane and the Cubs brass – forget about making improvements to a disastrous performance in 2009.  Let’s focus on bringing in some revenue from the ice skating rink and taking out the troughs in the mens’ bathrooms to put in state of the art pissers…

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