Milton Bradley – Chicago Nightmare Keeps on Ticking

Posted on 20 January 2010 by Lou

Even though the Cubs traded Milton Bradley a few weeks ago, he is still wreaking havoc on the city of Chicago.  Allegedly Bradley hasn’t paid rent on his luxury Mag Mile condo since October, and now his landlord and realty company are suing him to make good on what he owes.  Can you believe this?!

Bradley plays like ass all year long, despite signing a $30 million, 3-year deal at the beginning of 2009 – that works out to an approximate $43,000 per game paycheck.  To date, he owes approximately $44,100 in back rent and late fees through the month of January and he can’t find the money to pay up?  What a moron.  The landlord has vowed to pursue the damages and to keep assessing rent through the 1-year term of the lease (at $15,000 per month).  The property is located on the 24th of the Park Hyatt at 800 North Michigan Avenue.  How this guy continues to act the way he does is mind-boggling.  Does he have any agents or “handlers” to help him with these things?  It is just unconscionable…

Bradley batted .257 in 124 games for the Cubs in 2009 before GM Jim Hendry and the Cubs front office suspended him in September for conduct detrimental to the team.  At the time, the Cubs owed Bradley $20 million under the final 2 years of his contract which runs through 2011.  Bradley struck out 95 times in 393 at-bats, but he did walk 66 times to help get his on-base percentage all the way up to .378.  His 12 home runs and 40 RBI’s were a joke, however, and the Cubs had no choice but to move Bradley as far away from Chicago as possible.

Good riddance Milton – the city of Chicago and Wrigley Field are all better places now that you are now longer here…

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