Cubs Mulling Over Proposal from Mesa, Arizona for Future Spring Training Site

Posted on 23 January 2010 by Lou

As the world turns – the Cubs are currently reviewing a plan tendered by the city of Mesa, Arizona to keep the Chicago Cubs in the Cactus League during Spring Training for the next 25 years.  Will it work – only time will tell as the Cubs are also mulling an offer from a Naples, Florida development group.  The wooing is on…

Mesa’s Memorandum of Understanding proposes building a new 15,000-seat stadium for the Cubs with a modern facility that can be used by the club and fans alike year-round.  The deal would be for a 25-year term.  Reports indicated that the Cubs bring $52 million in annual revenue to the state of Arizona, so Mesa and the state want to do whatever possible to keep the Cubs in Arizona for the long-term.

Under the proposed MOU, the Cubs would acquire the land used to build the stadium and would maintain and operate the stadium, parking and public access roads surrounding the stadium.  If construction costs exceeded the agreed upon $84 million, the Cubs would cover that excess cost.  The city would also be obligated to secure the passage of state legislation that would help fund some of the facility construction.  We’ll keep you posted as soon as we hear anything definitive, but it looks like the Cubs will be staying out west for Spring Training for the foreseeable future…

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