Chicago Cubs Add 4th Outfielder – Xavier Nady

Posted on 26 January 2010 by Lou

The Chicago Cubs have agreed to a 1-year deal with outfielder Xavier Nady to be the Cubs 4th outfielder.  Nady will be guaranteed $3.3 million under the terms of the deal for the 2010 MLB schedule, but he could make an additional $2.05 million in incentives for games played.

Plain and simple – I don’t like this deal at all for one simple reason – Nady underwent his 2nd Tommy John elbow ligament replacement surgery in July 2009 and he only played 7 games for the New York Yankees in 2009.  Given the injury propensity for starting left fielder Alfonso Soriano and the slump propensity for starting right fielder Kosuke Fukudome, the last thing we need is a 4th infielder who might not be ready to step in right away should something negative happen with Soriano or Fukudome.  Nady is a career .280 hitter in 679 major league games with the San Diego Padres, Pittsburgh Pirates, New York Yankees and Mets.  In his last full season in the majors – 2008 – Nady hit .305 with 25 HR’s and 97 RBI’s for the Pirates and Yankees.

Nady’s agent Scott Boras has said that Nady will be ready to play come the start of Spring Training, but Nady still needs to undergo a physical before the deal is approved.  How funny would it be if he failed?!  The one positive about Nady is that he a stand-up guy and a good veteran clubhouse presence.  If he is really healthy, he’ll be a good addition to the Cubs.

I have a feeling this deal was done because of the limited payroll flexibility that GM Jim Hendry has left the club in because of all of his miserable deals the last 3 years.  $3.3 million is a lot easier to swallow than the amounts that the Cubs would have had to pay for a Jermaine Dye or some other 4th outfielder out there on the open market.  Good job Jim – this will be another reason for the Ricketts family to fire you after the 2010 MLB schedule…

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