Alfonso Soriano Update – Knee Feeling Good

Posted on 26 February 2010 by Lou

Not sure if this is good or bad – but Alfonso Soriano is “surprised” at how good his knee feels.  Even though he hasn’t run full speed just yet, it looks like all signs are a go for the Soriano Express.  Soriano had this to say about his condition thus far: “I’m surprised.  I feel much better than [Monday].  That’s a good thing.  It’s only the second day and I see the difference… I can move around — that’s the only thing I’m doing 100 percent, is the fielding, and I don’t feel any pain at all.  No problem… I need to trust it more.  That’s the biggest thing.  I think my knee is good, but now I have to trust that it’s 100 percent.”

I guess it is good news that Soriano is feeling this good this early in camp.  Then again, until he shows up on the field in April and can produce during the regular season on a regular basis, I won’t get my hopes up too much.  Soriano seems to be an injury waiting to happen – even on routine plays – so anything can happen during the next 2+ months of spring training.

Hopefully taking the pressure off Soriano by moving him down to the 6th spot with help matters.  If he can increase his HR and RBI numbers by just a little bit from 2009 (he clubbed 20 HR’s and drove in 55 runs in 2009), that should go a long in helping the Cubs offense get back on track in 2010.  A season which sees Soriano hit close to 30 HR’s and rack up over 70 RBI’s will mean good things for this Cubs team.  Let’s hope he – as well as the rest of the team – stays healthy in 2010…

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