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Cubs Fun Fact of the Day — Aramis Ramirez Struggling

Posted on 06 May 2010 by Lou

Ouch – this is not a pleasant Cubs Fun Fact of the Day – Boy is Aramis Ramirez Really struggling.  He has really hurt the team, and Manager Lou Pinella finally dropped him to 6th in the batting order.  In Wednesday night’s 4-2 loss, Ramirez went 1 for 3 from the 6-hole, with 1 RBI on a sacrifice fly.  In Thursday’s night’s 11-1 loss, Ramirez went 0 for 4 in the 5th spot.  Ramirez s now hitting just .148 with an on-base percentage a tad over .200.  Ouch.  He has just 3 HR’s and 15 RBI’s on the season, but he has not clubbed a long ball since April 15th.  What is going on with the big fella?  I usually think of Ramirez as the Cubs most consistent offensive run-producer, but something is clearly off with Ramirez in 2010.  Ramirez opted not to have off-season surgery to repair his separated shoulder that sidelined him for 2 months in 2009.  Should he have?  Did the rehab he did in the off-season not work?

Whatever the case, the Cubs offense clearly depends on a healthy, productive cog in the middle of the lineup like Ramirez.  If that Ramirez does not show up sometime soon, we’re going to be very disappointed with another down year from the Cubs in 2010.

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