Cubs Fun (Sad) Fact of the Day — Starlin Castro’s Awful Debut @ Wrigley Field

Posted on 11 May 2010 by Lou

This was not the way he drew it up – 3 errors in Starlin Castro’s debut at Wrigley Field.  Ouch!

Castro committed his 1st error in the 3rd inning on an errant throw hit by Cody Ross to lead-off the inning.  Bad, but as I like to tell my 3 1/2 year old daughter when she “accidentally” spills her drink – “No big deal, it happens.”

The 2nd error of the game proved very costly, however.  Castro’s throwing error allowed Brett Carroll to reach base and he came around to score with the tying run on Chris Coglan’s RBI double.  That tied the game up at 1.

His 3rd error of the game proved to be the straw that broke the camel’s back.  Castro allowed a Hanley Ramirez grounder to skip under his glove into shallow left field for a hit.  Instead of hustling after the ball, Castro took his time, which allowed Ramirez to get into 2nd base.  The Cubs faithful at Wrigley Field did not appreciate that, and I don’t blame them.  Everyone makes mistakes, but if you’re going to pout about or not give your all, than you have no one to blame but yourself.  There is no excuse for Castro’s actions, especially for a rookie who is supposed to be showing the rest of his teammates that he isn’t one of those “prima donna” superstars who expects everything to be handed to him on a silver platter.

In 14 chances in his 4 games, Castro has 7 assists and 4 errors with 1 double play turned.  You don’t need to be a baseball expert who knows what OBP and WHIP are in order to understand that that is pretty bad – especially for your shortstop who is supposed to be your best defensive player up the middle.

The big thing here is that the Cubs (and Castro) don’t let this fester.  Castro needs to endear himself to the rest of his teammates and to the fans at Wrigley Field.  I’m not saying that he is another Milton Bradley – I don’t think there is any other professional ballplayer as gutless and self-centered as Bradley is, and that’s saying a lot – but Castro needs to show that he is a team player.  He needs to show that he will hustle on every play, even if he makes a mistake.  He needs to run out every groundball and flyball that he hits.  And he can’t simply rely on his minor league stats or his MLB-record breaking 6 RBI’s in his first big league game.  The longer it takes for Castro to understand this, the longer it’s going to take for Cubs fans to get behind the future star of the Cubs franchise.

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