Cubs “Welcome” Carlos Zambrano Back, Take Rockies @ Coors Field in Colorado – 7/30/10

Posted on 30 July 2010 by Lou

Carlos Zambrano re-joins the Cubs major league tonight as the Cubs take on the Rockies at Coors Field in Colorado.  Zambrano will pitch out of the bullpen in the near-term, but could move into the starting rotation if Ted Lilly or Carlos Silva are moved before tomorrow’s trading deadline.

Zambrano made a public apology to the Cubs organization in an interview with Pedro Gomez on the MLB network.  Big Z made many comments including the following:

“I know I made a mistake.  I’m a person and a human, and I know when I make a mistake.  I have to come to the team and apologize.  I’m going to do it from my heart.  I want to be clear and at peace with my teammates.”  Ha ha – the idea of Big Z being at peace cracks me up.

“The last person I would be mad at is D-Lee.  He’s a Gold Glover.  I was just mad at myself… A lot of people have told me I needed to change if I want to be successful.  Thank God the Cubs have sent me to the doctor for anger management.  I’ve had three sessions already… doing exercises.  I have to write down every time I get mad.”  This is just too funny.  I can just see Big Z carrying around a little memo pad and pencil.  Someone gets his order wrong at the local McDonald’s and he goes into a rage.  But then he remembers what the doctor told him to do and he calms down, pulls out his little memo pad, and all is better.  Gotta love it…

He is set to apologize to his teammates in person before the game tonight.

Derrek Lee for one is excited to hear what Zambrano has to say — “We’re looking forward to the apology.  That’s what needs to happen.  We also need him on the field.  We know what he’s capable of.  It will be good to see ‘Z’ back.”

This should be interesting.  Let’s see how long Big Z keeps his emotions in check.  They always seem to get the best of him no matter how many times he says he is a changed man…

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