Zambrano Looking to Continue Solid Finish to Tumultuous 2010 MLB Schedule – Cubs v. Brewers 9/10/10 Miller Park

Posted on 10 September 2010 by Lou

Carlos Zambrano looks to continue his solid end to the 2010 MLB schedule.  In his last 6 starts, Zambrano has won 4 games without a loss and he has dazzled teams to the tune of a 1.98 ERA.  Zambrano has good karma in Miller Park too where the Cubs will battle the Brewers tonight.  Big Z threw a no-hitter there (against the Houston Astros) back in September 2008 at Miller Park and he has not lost there since August 2006 (he has a 2.38 ERA and 5 wins in his last 6 starts there).  In his last 8 starts against the Brewers, Zambrano is 2-0 with a 2.94 ERA (he has not lost to the Brewers since August 2007).  Throw in the fact that the Brewers will have Dave Bush on the bump, there is a good chance that Zambrano will come out victorious again in Miller Park tonight.  In Bush’s last 8 home starts against the Cubs, he has gone 0-5 with a horrendous 7.63 ERA.

Zambrano keeps making it tough on the Cubs brass with his recent resurgence.  Heading into the final 2 months of the season, it was all but certain that GM Jim Hendry would try to move Zambrano in the off-season because of his poor performance and because of his tendency to act out in an unprofessional manner both on the field and in the locker room.  As we have discussed before, we’re not sure if Zambrano has really changed into a new man since taking anger management classes during the season.  He seems to be a different guy out there, but he has gone through these “good” stretches before only to regress with another childish tirade when something doesn’t go his way.  I definitely don’t envy the Cubs decision this off-season, but I’m pretty certain that if a team willing to take Zambrano wants me to eat a good chunk of his what’s owed to him over the next 2 seasons, I’d probably tell them to take a hike and take my chances that Big Z has really turned his life and career around.

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