Cubs Interview Mike Maddux Today – Wrigley Field 11/9/11

Posted on 09 November 2011 by Lou

The Chicago Cubs interviewed candidate #3 – Mike Maddux – today at Wrigley Field.  His “family concerns” might put him at a disadvantage (he dropped out of the Red Sox job earlier this week but decided to interview with the Cubs despite acknowledging that moving his family another time is a big concern of his).  Maddux was honored to be considered by the Cubs and was up for the challenge – “It’s kind of cool to be considered.  I enjoyed it, man.  Pretty neat.  Something I’ve never done before, so it was a learning experience on both ends.  I think I got to know them and they got to know me, see what our values are.  We share a lot of values, share passion.  We share the inner drive to win.”  Maddux also went on to say that if Carlos Zambrano were still on the Cubs roster come spring training, he might “pick him up and just burp him” – good luck with that one, Mike.

Maddux also said that you have to put your players in the right position to win and remember that it is all still a game – “Maybe it’s a message, maybe it’s giving guys the opportunity to perform, maybe giving them opportunity to fail.  Maybe that’s it too.  You don’t put the weight of the world on your shoulders.  You encourage guys. It’s not life or death.  It’s win or lose, but it’s not life or death.  And keep it that way.”

It seems like he may have been a little over his head to be considered for the managerial post, but he is clearly a smart guy and will likely manage at some point in his career.  But based on what I’ve heard, I like the sound of Pete Mackanin or Dale Sveum right now to lead the Cubs in 2012…

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