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Giants & Dodgers Making Moves; National League Full of Intrigue

Posted on 05 January 2016 by Bob

All has been relatively quiet on the Cubs front since the calendar flipped to 2016 as has been expected given the headline-grabbing moves they made in the waning weeks of December. Out on the left coast, however, the arms race continues as the West’s Dodgers, Giants, and Diamondbacks have amassed impressive arsenals in an attempt to overtake the Mets and Cubs in the battle for N.L. supremacy.

While the Diamondbacks made the largest splash landing Zack Greinke AND Shelby Miller (and are reportedly still making moves), and the Dodgers recently signed Scott Kazmir to a three year deal to add to their ever-ballooning payroll, it is the San Francisco Giants who may have pushed all their chips to the middle this offseason in adding Jeff Samardzija and Johnny Cueto to a rotation that already includes Madison Bumgarner and Matt Cain. Now, there are reports that the Giants are talking with free agent Dexter Fowler, who roamed CF for the Cubs in 2015. While signing with the Giants would net the Cubs a draft pick due to having offered him a qualifying offer, it would be somewhat concerning to see him go to a NL rival, especially a team like the Giants who already have a pretty stacked lineup. In fact, some might argue their most glaring weakness would be capable outfielders so adding Fowler would make sense. Either way, it seems like the Giants will be a force to reckon with in 2016 along with the D-Backs and the Dodgers. Winning your division is paramount, as the Cubs and Pirates showed us last year and one can expect the N.L. Wild Card field to be even tougher next year.

Still, for all the hype the West has generated for the incredible talent they boast on paper, the Cubs stack up quite well in that department too given they bring back a young and powerful core bolstered by talented, veteran free agents. The outfield market hasn’t really even opened up yet so it’s possible that before it’s all said and done some of these “paper champions” may be improved even further.

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