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Cubs Get “Short End” of Obama Media Stick

Posted on 26 November 2008 by Lou

obama white sox.jpg

One would think President-elect Barack Obama has enough on his plate with the global economic crisis and the constant threat of domestic terrorism. But Obama and his team have implemented a new scheme for the news media personnel at all future press conferences. Red v. Blue? Blonde-haired v. Brunttes? Tall v. Short?

No – Cubs v. Sox! Check out John McCormick’s Cubs-Sox Rivalry Update.

Obama is a long-time Chicago White Sox fan and he and his team have decided to line up the media with one side of the room being dubbed the “Cubs side” and one side of the room being dubbed the “Sox side”. My apologies to those Sox fans who end up on the “Cubs side” and those Cubs fans who end up on the “Sox side.”

And here’s to hoping that Obama’s real plan to lead the country out of the current financial crisis shows a little more creativity and bite than the “Cubs-Sox Media Seating Chart”…

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