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Former Cubs Skipper Lou Pinella Takes Job as Giants’ Special Assistant — Wrigley Field 2/3/11

Posted on 03 February 2011 by Lou

Former Cubs Manager Lou Pinella has announced that he is now going to serve as a special assistant for the World Series Champion San Francisco Giants.  Pinella will report to Giants General Manager Brian Sabean with whom he is good friends.  Pinella had this to say about jumping back into the “work force” despite quitting his Cubs gig early last August because he said he wanted to spend more time with his family: “I took a little consulting job with the Giants.  It’s a done deal.  I look forward to it.  Brian and I are good friends. Whatever Brian needs me to do.”  Pinella will likely scout American League teams during Grapefruit League spring training games and attend Tampa Bay Rays games at Tropicana Field near his home.  Not having to be on the go year-round was appealing to Pinella – “It gives me a chance to stay involved in baseball and not have to travel.  I worked with Brian a lot of years in New York.  He’s a good man.  They have several former Yankees working for the club.  They won a world championship — we won a world championship.  I’m joining a world-class organization.”

Sabean had this to say about the Pinella hiring: “He’s certainly a great addition because of the baseball acumen he has but also his personality.  We’ll have a lot of fun working together, plus he knows a lot of guys in the organization… There’s a need to be home but a lot of baseball is played in Florida, and spring training is right in his backyard.  We’ll use him as much as we can and take whatever time he can give us.”

Interesting move for Pinella.  I figured he would take at least a year off after the way his time with the Cubs ended.  But I guess he got the itch and it seems like a pretty flexible gig for the legendary skipper….

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