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Epstein “Compensation” to be Determined by Commissioner Bud Selig – Wrigley Field 2/17/12

Posted on 17 February 2012 by Lou

The Cubs still owe compensation to the Boston Red Sox for allowing the north siders to hire GM Theo Epstein as the Cubs new President of Baseball Operations.  After the sides tried to work out the determination of that compensation on their own, the 2 sides have agreed to let Commissioner Bud Selig make the call.  Although both sides remain mum on the situation, each team has presented a written argument to Selig regarding what it believes to be the proper “value” or “consideration for the Epstein departure to the Cubs.  Selig has given no indication where he stands on the issue and he has not given a timetable for when his decision will be disclosed to the teams.

Now that it looks like Carl Crawford is going to start the season on the DL, maybe we can send Alfonso Soriano their way for a few extra million?!  He could even DH for them once Big Papi leaves after the 2012 campaign.

We’ll keep you posted as soon as we hear anything…

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