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Will Andre Dawson Go to Hall of Fame Wearing a “Cubs” or “Expos” Hat?

Posted on 09 January 2010 by Lou

Whether Andre Dawson goes into the Hall of Fame wearing a Cubs hat or an Expos hat is still up in the air.  An announcement is expected to be made sometime next week.  Dawson played the 1st 11 years of his career with the Montreal Expos.  In 1987, Dawson joined the Chicago Cubs organization and he played the next 6 years of his career at the Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field.  Dawson also said that playing in front of the Wrigley faithful “rejuvenated” his MLB career.  Inside sources say that Dawson would prefer to go into the Hall of Fame as a Cub, but that “higher powers that be” would prefer Dawson to enter the Hall of Fame wearing an Expos hat.

We’ll keep you posted as soon as anything develops…

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At Last – Andrew Dawson Elected to Hall of Fame

Posted on 06 January 2010 by Lou

chicago cubs andre dawson

It was well worth the wait for Andre Dawson, as 77.9 of eligible Baseball Writers’ Association of America voted the “Hawk” into the Hall of Fame on Wednesday.  I guess the 9th time was a charm for Dawson, as he waited 8 long years in order to get elected.  Dawson appeared on 420 of 539 ballots.  He was the only player elected into the Hall of Fame this time around in one of the tightest races in Hall of Fame voting history.  Bert Blyleven finished just 5 votes short – receiving 74.2% of the vote.  1st year eligible player Roberto Alomar fell just 8 votes short with 73.7% of the vote.  Alomar received the most votes ever for a 1st time candidate without actually getting elected to the Hall of Fame.

Dawson will be inducted in Cooperstown, New York on July 25th.  Manager Whitey Herzog and umpire Doug Harvey – both of whom were elected into the Hall of Fame by the Veterans Committee – will also be inducted that day.

Dawson said it was an emotional journey over the past 9 years – “If you’re a Hall of Famer you’re eventually going to get in.  It was well worth the wait.  I can’t really describe the elation when my family and I got the call… Well, I shed some tears today.  I was nervous today and I was happy before the announcement.  I was optimistic.  For some reason I slept better last night than I have in the last 8 years.  I probably won’t feel the magnitude of it for a couple of days.  I’m still kind of light in the stomach.  My daughter and my wife showed a lot of emotion when I got the phone call.  Of course, I treid to keep myself contained.”

Dawson played 11 seasons with the Montreal Expos and then 6 seasons with the Chicago Cubs at Wrigley Field.  Dawson hit 438 career home runs and had 1,591 career RBI’s.

Congrats Hawk – you deserved it!

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Former Cubs Denied Access To Baseball Hall of Fame

Posted on 13 January 2009 by Lou

andre dawson denied.jpg

The Chicago Cubs did not get the Baseball Hall of Fame news that they were hoping for on Monday. Former Cubs right fielder Andre Dawson received only 361 votes – good for only 67% of the voting. One needs 75% of the vote in order to gain access to the Hall of Fame. Dawson got a small bump in voting from 2008 when he only received 65.9% of the vote. Former Cubs closer Lee Smith received only 240 votes – good for only 44.5% of the voting. Smith and Dawson will both be back on the ballot again in 2010.

The Baseball Writers Association of America only voted 2 players into the Hall of Fame in 2009 – Rickey Henderson and Jim Rice. Of all votes cast, after Henderson and Rice, Dawson and Bert Blyleven were the only 2 players listed on more than half of the ballots. Here’s hoping that Dawson can make it in next year – especially since his numbers are eerily similar to Rice’s career numbers. While Rice has a higher career batting average and on-base percentage than Dawson, Dawson has more RBI’s than Rice and only 33 players in MLB history have more RBI’s than Dawson. Along with Willie Mays and Barry Bonds, Dawson is one of 3 players to have 400 home runs and 300 steals – pretty impressive numbers.

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Lee Smith – Hall Bound?

Posted on 30 December 2008 by Lou

It doesn’t look good for long-time Chicago Cubs closer Lee Smith, but one just never knows. Smith received only 43.3% of the vote in 2008 Hall of Fame voting by the baseball writers of America (one needs 75% of the vote in order to gain access to the Hall), but with the recent inductions of Bruce Sutter (in his 13th year on the ballot) and Goose Gossage (in his 9th year on the ballot), anything is possible.

Smith pitched in 1,022 games during his 18 MLB seasons. Smith saved 478 games – he was the all-time saves leader at the time of his retirement and has since been passed by active players Trevor Hoffman (554 saves) and Mariano Rivera (482 saves). Smith also holds the MLB record for most games finished – 802 games – which is 70 games more than Hoffman. It should also be noted that Smith has more saves than either of Goose Gossage (310 saves) or Bruce Sutter (300 saves). Smith pitched in a different era, and this has come back to hurt him in voting. When 30 saves was the key “saves mark”, Smith did it 10 times in his career. In 1984, only 6 closers reached the 30-saves mark. On average during the last 4 MLB seasons, 17 pitchers have reached that 30-saves mark.

2009 Hall of Fame inductees will be announced on Monday, January 12, 2009. Will the “Hawk” make it? Will Lee Smith make it? We’ll just have to wait and see.

lee smith.jpg

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Will The Hawk Be Voted Into the Hall?

Posted on 29 December 2008 by Lou

After the disappointment Ron Santo felt a few weeks back when the veterans committee failed to vote anyone into the MLB Hall of Fame, we should know very soon whether the Cubs and Andre Dawson will fell anymore disappointment when the Baseball Writers of America release the results of their votes for the 2009 Hall of Fame inductees.

Up on the ballot for the 8th time is Cubs legend Andre Dawson – the “Hawk”. In 2008, the writers only inducted one major leaguer – Goose Gossage. In order to gain access to the Hall, a player needs to reach 75% of the vote for that year – Jim Rice received 72.2 %; the Hawk received 65.9%: and Bert Blyleven received 61.9%. Rice, Blyleven, and first-ballot outfielder Rickey Henderson will be potential players who could steal votes away from Dawson.

Dawson won the NL Rookie of the Year Award in 1977 and the NL MVP Award in 1987. During the magical 1987 season, Dawson hit .287, 49 home runs and 137 RBI’s – all for the worst team in the NL – the Chicago Cubs. During his 21 major league seasons Dawson won 8 Gold Glove Awards and was named to the All-Star Team 8 times. Dawson was also named the Player of the Year by the Sporting News in 1981 and 1987.

Good luck Hawk – here’s to seeing you in the Hall soon!

andre dawson.jpg

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Santo Denied Entry to Hall of Fame Again

Posted on 08 December 2008 by Lou

Once again, it’s a familiar tune in Chicago – “Wait Until Next Year”. Ron Santo was denied entry to the Hall of Fame by the Veterans Committee. Santo only received 39 votes, or 60.9% of the vote, coming up 9 votes short for entry. An individual needs to gain 75% of the Veterans Committee votes in order to gain admission. In 2007, Santo received 57 votes (almost 70% of the vote) and came up just 5 votes shy of the tally needed for entry.

Because of medical issues that Santo has suffered with diabetes, time is of the essence for Santo. Although Santo was diagnosed with the disease as a teenager, he never told the Cubs about his ailment until 1971 – during his 11th season with the Cubs. He played for the Cubs from 1960 through 1973 and with the cross-town Chicago White Sox in 1974 and then retired from the game he loved. Santo has been in the Cubs radio broadcast booth for WGN Radio since 1990 – the 2009 season will mark his 20th year as the Cubs color broadcaster.

As for his stats, they speak for themselves. Santo was only a career .270 hitter, but he won 5 Gold Glove Awards and made 9 All-Star Game appearances. Santo was the picture of endurance during his playing days – he still holds the National League record for consecutive games played for a 3rd baseman – 364 games from April 1964 through May 1966.

Santo does not hide his disappointment with the Veterans Committee for not granting him admission to the Hall. Over the years he has been a bit outspoken, and some say that this has led to his exclusion from the game’s highest honor. His comments this year after the vote was announced probably won’t help: “It’s so ridiculous that nobody gets in again. I can’t understand it.” Here’s hoping to brighter Hall of Fame pastures for Santo in 2009.

No post-1043 player was elected by the Veterans Committee to the Hall, but the committee did vote in Joe Gordon who was on the pre-1943 ballot.

ron santo.jpg

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