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Zambrano Eye Issues Require Corrective Surgery

Posted on 25 January 2009 by Lou

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There’s always something with Cubs starter Carlos Zambrano. This time around – a blurry right eye issue that bothered Big Z throughout the 2008 MLB season. Even with the eye issue, Carlos Zambrano won 14 games, struck out 130 batters and pitched a no hitter. He even hit .337 during the course of the Cubs 2008 MLB season and was on the Cubs best hitting pitchers all season long.

Zambrano has been bothered with eye issues for a while now. He does not like to wear glasses or put contact lenses into his eyes, so he struggled to work through the right eye issue without either. The issue started to get worse during the course of the season, and Zambrano recently met with an eye doctor who will perform LASIK surgery on Big Z at some point before the start of Spring Training.

Given his ability to throw the last few seasons, if corrective eye surgery can make Big Z even more effective, that will be a huge bonus for the Cubs and the starting rotation. Let’s hope the surgery goes smoothly and that Rich Harden’s shoulder woes reported here recently are dealt with in an appropriate manner. Go Cubs!

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