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Lee Smith & Rafael Palmeiro Denied Chance at Hall of Fame — Wrigley Field 1/5/11

Posted on 05 January 2011 by Lou

Former Cubs players — Lee Smith and Rafael Palmeiro — were both denied entrance into the Hall of Fame.  Smith received just 45 percent of the vote while Palmeiro received 11 percent of the vote.  Palmeiro is 1 of only 4 players to have at least 3,000 hits (3,020) and 500 home runs (569), but his legacy is marred by the fact that he tested positive for steroids back in July 2005, just months after he testified that he never used steroids during his professional baseball career in front of a congressional panel in March 2005.   Smith missed out for the 9th time — he was baseball’s saves leader at the time of his retirement with 478 saves and 802 games finished.  Trevor Hoffman (601 saves and 856 games finished) and Mariano Rivera (559 saves and 829 games finished) have each surpassed Smith in those categories.

The 2011 Hall of Fame Class will include just 2 players — Roberto Alomar who garnered 90% of the vote and Bert Blyleven who received 79.7% of the vote…

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Will This be Lee Smith’s Year to Make Hall of Fame? – Wrigley Field 12/1/10

Posted on 01 December 2010 by Lou

Will this be Lee Smith’s year to make the Hall of Fame?  Lee racked up 47.3 percent support on the 2009 Hall of Fame ballot.  This is his 8th year on the ballot and he is slowly creeping closer to that 15-year eligibility mark.  Lee led all of baseball in career saves for 11 years, but Trevor Hoffman just passed him a year ago.  Although closers have not been given their due by voters, recently, that trend has changed.  The voters have voted in several closers of late — Dennis Eckersley in 2004, Bruce Sutter in 2006 and Goose Gossage in 2008.

Let’s hope 2010 is Smith’s year!!!

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Will 2010 be the Hawk’s Year?

Posted on 28 December 2009 by Lou

chicago cubs andre dawson

Will Andre Dawson get the call he has been waiting for for so long on January 6, 2010?  Will the Baseball Writers’ Association of America place enough votes for Dawson to get elected to the Hall of Fame?  If it isn’t this year, it may never happen, as all the previous players who have received more votes than Dawson in the past are already enshrined as members of the Hall of Fame.  His stiffest competition will come from Bert Blyleven and Lee Smith.  Newcomers Roberto Alomar, Barry Larkin and Edgar Martinez could also siphon a few votes away from Dawson.  But given the numbers, this should be Dawson’s year.

Dawson had this to say about the 2010 announcement: “I’ve talked to a lot of Hall of Famers and they’ve echoed the same sentiments… You’ve just got to be patient.  It’s eventually going to happen.”

Let’s hope this January 6th brings some solace for Dawson – you deserve it Hawk!

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Andre Dawson Hoping to Enter Hall of Fame in 2010

Posted on 03 December 2009 by Lou

chicago cubs andre dawson

Andre Dawson is hoping that the 9th time’s the charm.  With current Hall of Famers like Ryne Sandberg and Tony Perez endorsing the “Hawk”, one would think that it’s only a matter of time for Dawson to get the call.  Dawson received 67% of the votes in 2009 (361 votes), but finished 3rd in the voting behind inductees Rickey Henderson (94.8% of the vote) and Jim Rice (76.4% of the vote).  A player needs to receive at least 75% of the vote in order to gain access to the Hall.

Dawson is the top-returning vote-getter in 2010, just ahead of Bert Blyleven (62.7%) and Lee Smith (44.5%).  Newcomers that could play a role in whether or not Dawson gets in include 2nd baseman Roberto Alomar, shortstop Barry Larkin and DH Edgar Martinez.  But none of the them have the numbers that Dawson put up during his 21 MLB seasons – .279 career batting average with 438 HR’s, 1,591 RBI’s and 314 stolen bases.  Dawson was named the NL Rookie of the Year Award winner in 1977 with the Montreal Expos.  Dawson won the MVP Award in 1987 with the Chicago Cubs – that year he hit 49 HR’s and drove in 137 runs – both tops in the NL.  Dawson is one of only 6 players to have hit 300 HR’s and stolen 300 bases.  And he is the only eligible player who has more than 1,000 career extra base hits who is not a member of the Hall of Fame.

While it seems clear to me that the Hawk should be inducted, Dawson is still not counting his eggs before they hatch: “Now there’s no one for me to hurdle.  Everyone’s behind me.  I think (2010) poses the biggest window for me.  I kind of, for a change, look forward to it.  I can’t say that’s always been the case in the past, because the writers make sure they don’t put in more than one or two in a particular year.”

Talk about a travesty of justice.  If the Baseball Writers of America do not vote the Hawk in this time around, we really need to assess the voting credentials of these guys.  It’s a shame that Dawson is not in the Hall of Fame, so let’s keep out fingers crossed on January 8, 2010 when the results are announced.

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Former Cubs Denied Access To Baseball Hall of Fame

Posted on 13 January 2009 by Lou

andre dawson denied.jpg

The Chicago Cubs did not get the Baseball Hall of Fame news that they were hoping for on Monday. Former Cubs right fielder Andre Dawson received only 361 votes – good for only 67% of the voting. One needs 75% of the vote in order to gain access to the Hall of Fame. Dawson got a small bump in voting from 2008 when he only received 65.9% of the vote. Former Cubs closer Lee Smith received only 240 votes – good for only 44.5% of the voting. Smith and Dawson will both be back on the ballot again in 2010.

The Baseball Writers Association of America only voted 2 players into the Hall of Fame in 2009 – Rickey Henderson and Jim Rice. Of all votes cast, after Henderson and Rice, Dawson and Bert Blyleven were the only 2 players listed on more than half of the ballots. Here’s hoping that Dawson can make it in next year – especially since his numbers are eerily similar to Rice’s career numbers. While Rice has a higher career batting average and on-base percentage than Dawson, Dawson has more RBI’s than Rice and only 33 players in MLB history have more RBI’s than Dawson. Along with Willie Mays and Barry Bonds, Dawson is one of 3 players to have 400 home runs and 300 steals – pretty impressive numbers.

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