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Allstate College Football Classic @ Wrigley Field – Annual Event?

Posted on 18 November 2010 by Lou

Northwestern will play Illinois in the 1st Annual Allstate College Football Classic at Wrigley Field on Saturday November 20th.  Will this become an annual event as a home game for Evanston’s Northwestern Wildcats at the Friendly Confines of Wrigley Field?  If Chicago Cubs owner Tom Ricketts has anything to say about it, Northwestern or some local college football team will be playing at Wrigley Field every fall.  Ricketts hopes that Northwestern and Illinois will agree to renew the game for the 2011 season as soon as possible.

Northwestern Head Coach Pat Fitzgerald has expressed some reservations, including the fact that the team had to give up a “home game” at Ryan Field in order to play at Wrigley Field.  Sure Northwestern was allocated a significant majority of the 42,000+ tickets sold for the game (somewhere in the 30,000 number), when you’re playing another area team like Illinois, Fitzgerald expects there to be plenty of Illini alumni screaming like crazy at the Friendly Confines on Saturday.  Fitzgerald had this to say about the game – “Why don’t you ask me that on Saturday or Sunday.  I don’t know, it’s been a lot of fun to this point.  I’m just appreciative of our administration handling all the logistics.  We’re just going to show up and play… For the unqieness and opportunity our guys get, the answer is yes… But I want to play at home.  This is our home field, play in front of our students and fans here.”

It should be a lot of fun.  Let’s hope the Cubs and Northwestern can figure out a positive way to make this happen every year.  College football at Wrigley – what a glorious thing…

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